Jeep Jump N Jam 4x4 Racing 3D App revisa

Yo unity

this game is the WORST. I mean I don't want to say bad words but C.R.A.P. when you get on it it says unity, then it freezes and logs off. I may download in the beginning of 2015 and see if it does the same thing, if it does I will write another bad revu and delete the game.


All ways crashes fix

Looks fun

But it crashes every time

Please fix

I agree with Burton0220 it looks like a fun game but I have the same problem as Burton0220 where when I open it it says powered by unity for a while and then it crashes please fix this.


Won't even open, crashes on start-up for iPod 4th gen. Looks like a great game, I love Jeeps and really want to play this!!


Good app best app I ever download

  • send link to app